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Ok, being the undecisive plan-whore that I am...I don't know if I will put a kit on my Schwinn. The other day I was coming back from work on my old Mongoose dual suspension mountain bike, and on a sugar rush I was easily pedaling 20mph. I just about keeled over from it, but the bike felt solid and stable as it went over bumps and dips at speed.

So it got me thinking. I saw that Morini-type knockoff in chatbox, and I found the guy's website (I posted that in another it from his site, it's cheaper). All I would need to do is get a clamshell and sprocket from Manic, buy a tensioner, get an exhaust, and make a mount.

Here is my line of thought:
I can use a piece of C-channel, like what I see used in friction-drive kits, to mount the motor onto. To mount that to the bike, I can use lengths of angle iron on the sides bolted to the channel and clamped to both the upper and lower legs of the rear swingarm. If I can do both front and rear pieces of angle iron vertical, and spaced right, I can mount the motorcycle battery (for the lights and GPS) in between.

I will use a 40t sprocket to start with, and as I go along I might drop to a 36t. For starters I will use a regular exhaust pipe, but I do plan to add an expansion pipe, and if I should feel squirrelly enough....a nitrous kit for an RC motor.

For fuel, I'm not entirely sure of what tank(s) I will use, but it/they will be mounted on a rack clamped to the seatpost. I don't foresee having more than a gallon and a half up there, so it should not present a problem.

All in all it should be a pretty simple setup. The knockoff uses a centrifugal clutch instead of a standard clutch, so the only cable I will need to run is the throttle. The wiring for the headlights and taillights will be kept tight in a single loom running to a 4 unit fuse block running off the battery. 1 fuse for each headlight/taillight, 1 fuse for the power outlet for the GPS charger, and 1 fuse for something else, such as a horn from an older Buick or Cadillac (nice and loud). To charge the battery I will mount a 12v solar trickle charger on the back of the rack for daytime when I'm out riding during the day, and I will also have a 120v battery tender as well. If I get lucky, perhaps I can even revamp a wheel generator from an old light to put out 12v.

I like my Mongoose MTB, and have been fixing it up bit by bit since I received it, and it is getting to be a decent ride. I need to replace the current tires with a pair of Panaracer Uff Da's, since I am a heavier rider (the Uff Da tire is made for urban riding and jumping according to the manufacturer, so it is built with heavier construction. Perfect for a heavy rider with a motor), and I want to replace the worn out RS front fork with a triple tree type fork, only right now I can't find one for cheap. Perhaps I will get lucky on EBAY eh?

I can't think of anything else right now, so that's it for now.

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