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Exclamation Slower After Gasket Replacement?

I recently viewed the Tip sticky and decided to go out and buy some high temp gasket paper and fix a couple other things with my bike,thread lock etc...
So I made some gaskets for the carburetor and the muffler. The old one on the carb was practically all gone, melted almost, and the muffler one was cracked, burnt, and oily. I replaced the 2 and tightened everything back up, using thread lock to secure it all. I started up my bike to let it warm up and the first thing i noticed was that it was quieter and seemed like it was idling at a lower rpm than usual. It almost sounded weaker for some reason, too. I walked back in my garage to let it warm up, and i heard it stall. This has never happened before. So i started her back up, then adjusted the idle screw to what i remembered the engine sounded like previous to me fixing the gaskets.
When I took it for a ride, it just felt like it had a little less power and speed for some reason. The bike kept bogging down at WOT at first, but got better as I rode.
I noticed it performing not as well as it did before in general...any ideas guys? Thanks a bunch!
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