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Default Re: BrettMavrik's Production Bobber Frame For Builders Has Begun...

Hey thanks, man!

Choppers are cool in their own right. They are a rolling art form with exaggerated lines.
They can be made to handle decently and controllably, but the extreme rake and long length forks are always on the edge of adverse handling. They go down the road in a straight line quite nicely. The drawbacks are at slower speeds, tight turns, or situations where you must react to circumstances on the road in a split second.
Overcompensating on a bike near that adverse edge in those situations can be a real big disadvantage.

Allrighty, I'm back on track with my original isolated motor mount design. I picked up a 1' piece of tubing for the urethane bushings this morning. I'm going back out to the shop to finish them up today. These will still be "clockable"; meaning the engine can be rotated on the mounts to balance the angle ballet between the carb, chain opening, and exhaust down to the mm. They are offset and tucked under the motor (but can be flipped) and offer over 100 degrees of rotation each way. I'm going to offer these in different tubing diameters later, as they will make for a very universal mount with almost infinite adjustability.

I will have the motor and jackshaft mounted by tomorrow, then everything goes together quite quickly.

more to come.

My Production Bobber Build Up
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