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Talking making my entrance

Hey guys It's just me MotheMan, aka Scott. Long story on the name, but the short version is that it's a World of Warcraft name I use and a name I gained when I was younger. I ordered a 48cc 2 stroker from Dax last week, hopefully will be here by this friday or sooner...I've been farting around with my bike, replacing cables, only to find my grip shifts are broken, I need new break levers, I may just get a double pull lever, my rear shifter has no click to it anymore so it sometimes has a tendancy to slip out of the gear i'm riding in to a higher gear. Upgrading my stock fork to a suspension fork from another Mtn. bike I had laying in the machine shed. I'm gonna run my bike with the standard setup from Dax, and if this is something I'll get into hardcore, I'm gonna spring for the SBP jackshaft kit. I've thought about fabricating one myself, but then I thought, "Why, these guys have already done the work, I just gotta put it together." And the parts to build one would be close to the amount I'd pay to have a kit sent to that's the way we'll go if this pans out for me. I know I'm gonna have some problems and will be bugging you guys to no end. I'm no greenhorn when it comes to bikes and engines, but it definitely has been a while. I'm glad I found this site and the plethora of info you guys offer up. I'll be here to stay I think.
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