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Default Re: muffler in the way

I had to bend my exhaust pipe too ‘cause the peddle hit it. I tried to bend it cold, but couldn’t ‘cause the steel bench that my vise is attached to wasn’t heavy enough to keep it from moving. When I tried to heat the pipe to bend it, I found that my blowtorch didn’t make enough heat, so I used my welding torch on it and heated the pipe until it was red hot and the pipe bent with little effort. The heat burnt the factory paint off so I cleaned up the burnt area and painted the whole exhaust pipe with flat black Rust-Oleum High Heat paint. If you do the same, clean and rough up the unburnt paint as well or the new paint will peal when heated during normal operation of the engine. I didn’t think to do that so my new paint is pealing from the original paint. The new paint is sticking well to the area of the bend. Using an infrared thermometer, the bend of the exhaust gets up to about 200 deg F and the muffler part gets hotter than 400 deg F (the limit of my instrument), which may have something to do with it too.
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