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Exclamation I've created a monster...leave the internal clutch spring alone!


I've seen a lot of posts lately regarding the adjustment of the main clutch spring.

I had one engine last year that had a REALLY tight clutch, (At the lever), due to the fact that during assembly the Chinese ran the preload nut down too tight!

I posted a thread on "how to" remedy this problem...external adjustment of the primary clutch spring dated 11/30/08

99.9% of the time; this adjustment is fine from the factory!

The spring is a high rate spring, which means that very little adjustment is needed to correct for a slipping clutch, or one that is excessively tight. 1/2 - 1 turn is usually all that is needed!

It is important that the spring rate is set correctly...and again 99.9% of the time it's right from the factory.

Norman did a good job of expanding on my original post, but this IS NOT something that should be messed with in general.

I posted this information to help out those who had clutch problems beyond the normal.

If you have broken a clutch lever or cable, it will help to loosen the tension on the spring.

If you have added a tuned pipe, or other performance may need to tighten the pre-load a bit.

Use good judgement...adjusting the tension of this spring should not be done until you have a full knowledge of the clutch assembly in these engines.

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