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Default Re: DUDE! Where's my locking freewheel ??!!

I think I've found some high flange flip-flop trackie hubs- I recently got a 36 sprocket- really just nine holes and the larger 1 3/8" center (is it?) that was made from a BMX crank-

I hope with high flange hubs, the sprocket should slip snuggly over left side threads- though sans threadinbg down- a lockring should hold it then snuggly side-to-side,

and I'm thinking that maybe some smaller alloy nuts and bolts- (6 or 9) will just go through the flange holes, if I drill lower holes in the sprocket- to hold it to the rotating hub then-

I've looked at track cogs and freewheels and they seem to screw onto threads the same diameter as our sprocket center=

Together with a cruiser chain ansd narrow motor sprocket, it should be keeping things lightweight

I'll let you know what happens- I'm still querying the dealer-
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