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Default Re: Bike is bogging bad!Need help!

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
Wow glad you found the problem. First I ever heard of a mag that only kinda ran. Usually they're an all or nothing kinda deal.
This is the second time I have had a problem were the magneto worked barly....the other 2 just went out completely....The lasttime this happened it spit and sputtered and would cut in and out going down the road,but went out completely the next day and I had to buy another one....My dad said that if any kind of metel debree gets in on the windings that it can short and reduce the output of the magneto without completely going out....Have you had magneto problems?This is the 4th magneto I have gone through over the last 3 years on different 2 stroke motors(I have 3 of them)so I know its not just something wrong with this motor causing a short and making them go out....I found a site one time that sold a high end magneto that said that they are wraped better and eliminates this on going problem,but I cant find the site again(I should have put it on my favorites)....
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