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Default Prices and the Art of "Re-Cycling"....

Prices, and The Art of Re-"Cycling"...

We are going to touch on my Master Plan for what I am creating that I want everyone who likes choppers to have;
A Killer Adult Sized Chopper Bobber motorized bicycle (Motorized Bike) that they can build themselves, Which Is Half The Fun.

K, Everyone who likes Chopper MB's just love the Big Fat Tire found on Schwinn Stingrays. So they go out and get an inexpensive Stingray off craigslist, buy an adapter kit for the motor that is available elsewhere, and go down the road. Then they buy the bent seat post to get the seat back further, and then get ape hanger handlebars and lean them waaay forward to give more reach. But face it Stingray guys.....
The phrase between "monkey" and a "football" comes into my mind here...
At least that was my thought when I went for a ride on one. Loved the style however.
Don't you want to ride a bike that fits you?

Mavrik Motor Bicycles Series One Frame "The Bobber"
- 5' Wheel base
- 25" Seat height (minimum) 28" (maximum) with Pedal Distance to the Seat Adjustment
- Provides fitment of riders ranging from 5'-6" to 6'3" with sliding seat clamp attachment style
- Spring Loaded pivoting motorcycle solo seat pan and cushion.(Better than any bicycle seat. period)
- Custom fitted for and ready for Happy Time 2 Stroke China Engines
- Custom Isolated Rubber Motor Mounts- eliminates engine vibration
- Custom Jackshaft Option- Yes, you can have a 5 Speed Chopper
- Front And Rear Disc Brakes Option - add safety by truly stopping on a dime
- All truly headache free and a Bolt-On Affair
- The most inexpensive way to build your own custom chopper that fits
- more kewl and inexpensive gadgets are on their way

The Art of Re-"Cycling"
-Now anyone who has bought a brand new complete bike online that they couldn't find locally was absolutely murdered on shipping costs. And then they still have to fit the motor which cost more.
The Wide Rear Rim, Tube and Tire can be found but it is hella expensive, and you still need the wide cranks to fit the chain around the fat tire. These things make the venture unfeasable.
-The Stingrays are out of production but they live on almost everywhere you look. Unpristine examples can be had almost everywhere on the cheap. Craigslist, the local flyer, garage sales, the side of the road, etc. These used Stingrays have almost everything you need component wise.
These bikes are not going to be restored and they will eventually make it to the dump in their lifetime....

Time To RE-"CYCLE" And Save Yourself A Ton On Shipping.

Here's The Plan:
- You go out and get yourself a decent Used Schwinn Stingray On The Cheap
- Don't worry about the paint or the condition of the decals, seat, etc.
- just make sure the rims are straight and the cranks, pedals, and chainwheel aren't rusted to oblivion
- Now dismantle the bike. "ziplock & coffee can" parts in groups and stow the wheels and cranks
- Now (here's the fun part) Grab a Hacksaw, Sawzall, Dremel , or Cutoff Wheel on a Grinder or Air Tool.
- Take one last look at that old "too small" kids frame, and put on your safety glasses and ear protection
- Start Cutting
- I need the neck tube, crank tube , and the entire square tube rear wheel cage assembly for your build
- Leave an inch of the frame tubing still connected to these parts, put them in a small box and send it to me
- I will do the rest
- What you get back is a Custom Chopper Bobber Frame ready for the motor and all the parts you removed
- Shipping me the small box of frame parts shouldn't be more than $10-$12
- Shipping you just a lightweight thin boxed chopper frame shouldn't be more than $40

This is way cheaper than spending hundreds to get a complete bike to your doorstep,
You are re-"cycling" (doesn't that feel good?) and you get a hassle-free
Chopper Bobber motorized bicycle with all the goodies, options and add-ons,
and you get to build it yourself which is half the fun.

Everybody Wins!

Now as far as Pricing goes,
I am still in the design finalization process with this frame.
After I iron out the design path, costs, and production plan for material in quantities, etc.
I assure you this Chopper motorized bicycle Will Be The Best Bang For The Buck !!!

Now, Let's get some feedback....I need to hear it as it would be helpful.

Mavrik Motor Bicycles
My Production Bobber Build Up
"Everything Is Possible...If You Can See Beyond The Invisible"

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