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Default Re: Are pullstarts as useful as they seem?

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
That's a good price. What was the sellers fleabay name?
I got mine from "powerkingshop", they are receiving a bulk order on the 28'th, thus i pre-ordered so they don't have to pay to store a surplus of these things.

There are so many sellers with this item, that most times, it doesn't even matter who's selling it. Really, it was both luck, and eBay knowhow...

The trick is to watch 2 auctions (NOT "buy it now") of the same type of product, so you know how much average bidders are willing to pay (including shipping).

Then watch another of the same product and only bid during the last 10 seconds of the auction so the other people who are bidding don't have a chance to see you coming... With luck and diligent timing it'll work out in your favor .
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