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Default Re: 2nd build, a few questions (fork especially)

Ok- I've been re-reading your original post carefully- and this may help-

first get the measurements straight- remember that 1 inch is 2.54 centimeters, or 25.4 mm

22.2 mm is 7/8 of an inch-

next we need to specifyt inner diameter as opposed to outer diameter- outer diameter seems to run another 1/8 inch-

so: a 7/8 inch 22.2 stem generally fits inside a 1 inch fork steer,

and, a 1 inch 25.4 stem fits inside a 1 1/8 fork steer tube-

smaller stem quills, 21.1 generally fit smaller BMX forks and some Schwinn headsets and forks- I guess the outer fork steer is the 7/8

I've seen those adapters advertised, and think you could try one and probably get it to work or get a refund-

Only thing is, they work like a stem- a slanted bolt expands to hold it on- and that's all that ends up holding the whole thing together- I saw them advertised as well, but didn't want to make up a too short fork steer with only one of those holding it all together- you bet your life!

I personally don't want to feel that the whole head/stem assembly depends on only one bolt- but a bike shop owner assured me that mountain bike racers everywhere swear by them these days-

but i also think you'd have to the get a threadless stem to clamp down on it, and then have little adjustment without spacers, and more fork length-

also I'm wondering if a threadless stem can still be clamped onto a threaded fork- and I think so- the 1 1/8 diameter is still the same-

I now have a really nice 1 1/8 threaded suspension fork I bought, that apparently will not fit correctly in the frame, even if I got another stem and headset-

so i'd let it go cheap if anybody wants one- it is blue, brand new and the steer is 1 1/8" inch outer diameter with a a length of 7 inches with 1 1/4 inch of threading- I also have a spacer/top cup combined an inch long that I bought when I thoufght all I needed was then another headset
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