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Default Re: DUDE! Where's my locking freewheel ??!!

Hey Neat,

Yeah, that's a start. You had die MADE?

I'm annoyed at standard road hubs, and have wondered if the left side could be cut down to the same diameter as the threaded side, and then even died like this- they seem to have as much clearance off the bearings as the freewheel side-

Do the manufacturers fear the motor sprocket?

I've been trying to track down some hubs like my Micargi multi speed rear- it's not threaded but already the correct diameter otherwise- a lockring would be nice- but it's a little bit cheap- steel with pressed on bearing races- so now i'm trying to get a line on some large dflange trak flip-flop-

the thread is right-handed, but the sprocket fits over it snugly-

Obviously I'm sort of a cycling purist and much concerned with weight- I think thats the main strength of a motorized bicycle compared to a scooter- Even a small 50cc scooter weighs in at about 200 lbs, while I can lug the bike up the stairs if need be, and I can tear it down and put it in the car or on a rack- plus most of the parts are quickly available at a bike shop.

Your allen bolt sprocket fasteners are interesting- what are they driven into?

also, how do you post these attached thumbnails- they're great!
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