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Now that the frame is finished, everything else should go quickly, as all the R&D time for components went into my very first motorized bike build:

There are some new things on my production bike like the "clockable" rubber isolated motor mounts which I begin today. These will be the bomb when finished. Cool part is, they go on via steel tubing clamp style. A steel clamshell so to speak, with 4 bolts per mount. Super hold and enough to use elsewhere like on my version of a jackshaft kit which I am selling, the new spring loaded solo seat so it will be height/pedal distance adjustable, and smaller ones for the new electrical accessories box and 3 watt l.e.d. brake & tail engine charging NimH battery system.

The nice thing about these clamps that has led me to this solution is the fact that the motor can be "clocked" or tilted for perfect angle, and the jackshaft can be slid fore and aft to get the chain tension ballet between the left and right side juuuust right....

The first bike was all the pain and suffering to get everything to work correctly. I went back to the drawing board numerous times and changed to different parts often. I wasn't just slapping a motor on a single speed beach cruiser here; I had pretty high aspirations. I wanted a unique old school rat rod with all the ultra chic components like full suspension front and rear with disc brakes fore and aft, 5 speeds and a custom simplified jackshaft, big fat rear tire, custom tank, expansion chamber exhaust, and a powerful, self contained lighting system with brake and tail lights. A pretty tall order for my first build, and I pulled it off in 89 days...

My motor even seized within 30 days of being fired up, as it was a manufacturer's defect and NOT covered under said company's proclaimed 6 month warranty. (But that is another story in two different threads that really puts me into a different ZONE....8-]' )

So now with all that behind me, and the newly revamped shop all clean an organized, This new production build has been a pleasure, as all the energy has been good.
This bike is going to have it all...
And the best part is, the frames and parts will be for sale,
so you can build and customize one for yourself.

Look for this bike on YouTube near the end of the month.
I'm going to show everyone what it's like to bang through the gears,
speed shift style, on a Fat Tire Lowrider Bobber Chopper Motorized Bicycle
and look cool doing it.....

"Today is Yesterday, Tomorrow....."

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