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Default Re: DUDE! Where's my locking freewheel ??!!

Actually, the now-popular single-cog track flip-flop hubs and wheelsets are really good too-

A freewheel goes on one side and a fixed track cog- and lockring- go on the other-

the flanges for the track cog fit our motor bike sprockets perfectly, and the hub has a stop ridge to keep it out of the spokes-

the lockring would spin on the wrong way with normal threads, but maybe another cup or cone/washer could hold it all on-

the motor sprocket would be wedged securely-and supported by the same diameter hub- the all it needs is minimal leverage to drive it with the hub- I'm looking for large flange hub now- I think some small lightweight bolts could go through both the sprocket and hub-

They are mostly available in 700C for a road/track frame, but the hubs could be on a 26" rim- they're on e-bay under "bicycle wheelsets"

I bought an old Schwinn World traveler (for 5 dollars!) about two weeks back, I'm think of motoring-

I've painted it and put MX bars and stem- it has a nice alloy crank- and 27" wheels (too large an un-dyed flange in the back) so I'm maybe gonna get some fixed gear trackie wheels-

I'm thinking a lightweight 48cc, with narrow chain and lightweight 36 sprocket I have already- Keep the whole thing as light as possible- maybe 36 lbs or so- and the narrow wheels ought to really roll!!!

One word about road frames- BEWARE of the narrow bottom brackets and 3 piece axles-

the World Traveler is not a true racing frame, but still lightweight and sturdy, normal size tubes, and it looks like the 80 on my cruiser might clear the cranks- (a nice alloy Sugino 3 piece setup)

but I've already bought a wide 135mmm spindle at Sick Bike Parts that I KNOW will clear-
and I guess the 48cc's are a little more narrow-

Say, does anyone have accurate measurements of the width of the different engines (all 2 and 4 stroke) they could share here?

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