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Default Re: My project(s)

Someone on commented on how nice the Schwinn looks, so I'll put my post here as well.

Yeah, I really like this Schwinn. I'm actually thinking about not MB'ing this one.....

I have an older Raleigh roadbike in my shed as well. I think its a Raleigh... I know Schwinn's have value, and if I'm gonna mod one of the two roadbikes I have, I'm thinking hard about modding the Raleigh instead. The Schwinn is just too nice lol. I'll upload pics of the Raleigh later.

Also, I was inspecting the transaxle earlier, and I was wrong, it isn't a single speed. Rather, it is actually at least a 2 forward speed transaxle. Nah....not gonna make a pusher from it after all. Smaller pulley, modded vertical shaft 4 stroke..... I smell a go-kart in the works

Regardless of which roadbike I choose, I do plan to remove the ramhorns. I have problems with my wrists and hands, and it's hard for me to stay on them for too long anymore, even when riding regular. I'm looking at these:

BULLHORN TRACK BIKE FIXED GEAR HANDLEBARS BLACK 42CM - eBay (item 350188398429 end time Jul-07-09 12:09:59 PDT)

Not straight, but they will allow me to not lean down so far on them, so it shouldn't be so bad for my wrists.
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