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Default Bobber Project Has Resumed....


It's been a bit since my last post. I decided to revamp the garage into a shop by adding a wall for all the clutter and storage mess a garage becomes. So now I have a completely organized and clean shop with plenty of room, work benches, drawers, 220v, lighting, etc. for me to flow through my work more fluidly. I started back up on the bobber project last night, revamping the frame's front rake to a more desired amount while still retaining good handling characteristics. The shop is awesome! My mind is at peace as I work in my clean environment with my music. **sigh** =-]' Okay! back to the subject!

I played around with some figures and measurements for this frame to have more rake whilst still retaining proper trail and good handling. I came up with the magic number for this bobber and it's great.
The frame now has the perfect 30 degrees of rake and the trail comes out to 5.77". typical trail for good handling in the chopper world is from 4-6", so It's at the right of the spectrum but still within.
I tacked on a temporary seat to get a feel for it on a little ride down the block. She is Loowww.....
The spring loaded seat will sit at 24" off the ground at its' lowest. This is the sleek lowrider bobber frame I've been wanting. It still handles excellent, turns tight and tracks nice and straight.
So this will be the frame by which all other production bobber frames are built.

Today, I am going to add the mid-bar which will go from the seat post to the down tube and serve as the attachment point for the tubing clamp style motor mounts and jack shaft mount. Then I will begin building my version of a very versatile "clockable" isolated motor mount, and "locate-able" jack shaft mount.

more to come...

My Production Bobber Build Up
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