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New guy on the block here and was looking for my first kit. Have a friend in a local jeep club who has bought from BGF in the past and has had no issues. He is actually the one who got me interested in the motor bike kit.

He has since sold his bike (pic attached) and is looking to build another one and is going to buy from BGF again.

Here is the link of the one he is getting, it's also the one I'm looking to get. Being that it's my first and as we all know BUDGETS ARE REALLY REALLY TIGHT! I figure it's not a bad deal for a first timer.

Anyone here have this set up?

Thanks in advance for your input!

I may have posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry about that.........getting my feet wet here and had to many pages open. Feel free to move the question to the correct forum if you like.

80CC MOTOR BICYCLE BIKE MOTORIZED GAS ENGINE KIT dual - eBay (item 150348609899 end time Jun-27-09 18:22:04 PDT)

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