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Thumbs up Re: DUDE! Where's my locking freewheel ??!!

Electric switch, eh?

That's more than I was thinking- another cable.

but this one doesn't even have to be on the bars. (My Micargi 7 speed is too crowded, and I just got a dual brake lever I have yet to install). A small lever on the seat post or seat stay will do. I'm picturing a three-speed control sized thing. It just has to go "on and off".

The old three speed hubs had a rod through them somehow- I never worked on them much in the shops- all it would have to do is move a pin mechanism to let the freewheel spin free or be locked up-

Also, our fixed sprokets could be drastically cut in weight and improved if someone would put out a splined hub- a matching sprocket would fit over the spline, and then be locked with a simple reverse thread lockring- (everything has to be reverse thread on the left side, or the chain pull direction will lossen it. The freewheels I see advertised babble something about screwing it on reversed- so I'm wondering if the friggin thing could ever then come off? And they don't lock up- just always work in freewheel mode)

Anyway, a splined hub and sprocket andlockring would eliminate all the nine bolts, all the steel backing plates and all the rubber pieces, assuming the alignment is good. My Macargi muti-speed hub, while not threaded, is the EXACT diameter of the sprocket hole, and then also has a stop ridge on the inside, that stops the sprocket exactly the width of a rubber side. I only had to use one piece of rubber, and not a chain tensioner either- it all lines up perfectly, like the asian frame and hub are otherwise made for the motor-

I just found oout that a bottom bracket lockring can also double as a cog lockring- but I don't think it can be reverse threaded.
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