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Default Bike is bogging bad!Need help!

I Have a 70cc 2 stroke motor that I bought from thatsdax,actually its my 3rd motor I have bought over the years....A couple days ago I was on my way home and it started bogging out really bad and I had to put the choke halfway on the drive....When I got home I took the carb off and the needleseat had unscrewed and was in the bottom of the bowl so I screwed it back in and put it back togeather and had the same problem....I checked the plug and it was not running lean....So I took one of my extra carbs laying around and put it on and had the same problem with it bogging out....I then checked the plug again and it was white and running way to lean....So I built a new intake gasket from a gasket kit I had laying around and put a O ring in the carb to go into the intake....Fired it up and still the same problem....When I take off I have to keep the choke over halfway on....The motor has exellent compresson....I also took the tank off and checked the filter and then checked the gas filter going to the carb to see if they were clogged but they are fine as well....Could it be a weak magneto?What is going on?Please help!

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