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Originally Posted by Forbisher View Post
Motorized gas powered bikes are legal in California

M2 drivers license,
moped license plate on the bike,
ride in bike lane OK,
No insurance,
must wear DOT helmet,
less than 30mph on level ground,
Maximum of a 2-speed automatic transmission that is incapable of being manually shifted,
capable of Human Propulsion ie Pedals,
less than 2 brake horsepower,
2 or 3 wheels.

The CA law says nothing about the size of the motor.
Not to be argumentative but I just viewed the Moto manual for Cali and it does state everything you just said except that it says must be no more than 149CC. I could have read it wrong though. I'm jealous anyway, because I've found out all my rights and laws in oregon. I'm not supposed to be over 36cc here.....Bummer, O well I push a 70 anyway but I am very courteous and polite about my riding.
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