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Default haha, thats how we learn

so i bought one of the jet black kits. had what i hope to be the last issue with the heavy painting of the motor and all of the hardware. what happened was that I was hauling down the street having a good old time, when I lost power real fast, and then; POW.....spark plug comes flying out. what happened was the spark plug rattled itself loose, and shot out into the street. parked the bike, and retrieved my spark plug and the threaded collar that goes into the spark plug wire. then figured out that I shouldn't have taken the little thing that comes on the spark plug off (like you would on a car). So in the end; I learned a couple of things. Leave the spark plug thing on, and take a couple minutes every now and then and make sure everything is tight. I LOVE my new toy, and learning is a biatch, but it's all good. It's just getting broken in now, and I really, really, really love it. turns to once again.
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