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Default Re: new project aka "Molotov"

So uh, I got the four stroke kit yesterday and today, I discovered that my frame doesn't exactly jive with it. The cool thing about this type of engine is that everything is compact. The only parts that aren't attached is the gas tank and throttle. BUT, if I had bought a 2-stroke there would have been no problems. So I got two choices, mount my engine in the frame, which would involve, cutting my down tube and moving the whole thing up an inch or two on the seat post, or cut a notch out of it. I would also have to remove my crank and move it down several inches but the pedal chain would still conflict with the engine. My other option, and the one I'm going with is to mount it to the lower frame rails between the rear wheel and seat post. This means no frame cutting, though I will have to weld a plate to the rails so I can mount the engine. I can still use the sprocket and gas tank that came with the kit but I'm going to have to get a really long throttle cable and fuel line. Plus the bicycle chain can be rerouted with minimum drama. I'll try to get some mock up pics later on this week.
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