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Default Howdy from western N.C.

Howdy folks, I hail from the dark heart of the Appalachian mountains, here in western
North Carolina. It's a real bicycle nether realm around here in the mountains. We've got narrow
roads, no bike lanes and no respect. The whole bike engine thing has really got me thinking
about biking for the first time in years. I grew up near Atlanta GA where a kid could ride a bike
on side walks and through neighbor hoods for many miles with out having to fight with traffic,
but here in WNC it's like the "Lance Armstrong, Death Derby 3000."
I have got a Chris Hill CH80 kit on the way from Thunder Bay. I am having a hard time deciding whether to put this engine on my mtn. bike or buying a Schwinn Jaguar and building a cruiser.
Cruisers Look so dang cool but mtn. bikes seem so practical. Has any one put mtn. bike shocks
on their cruiser? Does any one have any advice or input on the pros and cons of each? Here in
western NC we've got lots of big long steep hills and great mtn. bike trails. How well will a little
china motor pull a fellow up a 20% or steeper grade? Will I need a 50T sprocket? Thanks, Kyle
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