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Default Need advice for 3rd build chinese 2smoke

Hey guys

I have had my 50cc zbox kit for about 6 months now and recently picked up a 70 cc kit and am very happy with its performance. The extra torque from the extra 16cc is crazy , and my wifey loves it.
For my next build i want something for trails and with really good hill climbing power.

Im thinking a really light mountain bike with a 50+ tooth sproket and a 70cc engine will do the job nicely.

My only problem is with the lower gearing ill have a lower top speed. What makes things worse is that the 70cc doesnt seem to like to rev as hard as my little 50. The 70 isnt run in yet so perhaps thats why.

Ive seen a few guys with the morini engines but i dont want to spend a fortune and am getting very fond of the little chinese ****ters and want to stick with them.

Any one here have any suggestions , maybe a worked 50 will be a better option, but in my experience the harder you push smaller motors the less reliable they become.
So basicaly i want oodles of torque , but still be able to cruise at 30km's+/- without red lining the little bugger. And a jackshaft and gearbox is out of the question.
Thanks guys
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