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Default Re: I know bikes can get expensive, but....

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
Ya you can get great frames usually with all the rest of it attached on craigslist. Portland list had a 18" trek with front suspension and a giant 21" mtn bike for $30 each 2 days ago. You just gotta really go thru the posts. Sometimes they just say "old bike"
I've been searching craigs, some come close to what I need. Being short it's ruff finding that 17-18" frame that will take a motor, is steel "cro-mo" and has disc mounts, wouldn't mind rack mounts either but from what I've read that's like looking for a unicorn if you want to pay under $200. On the bright side I found out today my brother knows someone that welds, so I may have ab easier time finding what I want.


For that price you would think it was made of solid platinum. It's crazy how high end some these bikes are, in my search I've seen forks for over $1,000, some people do have way too much money.
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