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Default Re: 2nd build, a few questions (fork especially)

I've been doing this myself and learning the hard way-- I was a bike mechanic years ago, but things have changed-

I've got a Micargi cruiser, with a 1 inch headset and 1 inch steer tube-

I don't like springer forks much myself- too heavy and too much rake!

So I got one suspension fork off the net- e-bay- real cheap, TOO CHEAP I guess- good quality and with a one inch steer, but not quite long enough- remember it has to be longer than the frames steer tube-

I need a 6 inch steer- 150 mm I think- this one's 130mm.

I've found one inch steers long enough, but for 24" wheels-!!!!!!!

So then I found another cheap fork ($30) with right length of steer, but with 1 1/8 steer, and thinking I could convert- WRONG!

The frame steer tubes are different diameters- I was learning all about threadless headsets (which I hate- NO ADJUSTMENT!), and thinking I'd get SOMETHING to work, but finally learned that the steer tubes on the frames are different-

My 1 inch cruiser tube won't accept a 1 1/8 inch headset fork-

the good news is that suspension forks 1 inch steer tubes are out there- just hard to find- there's one on e=bay now-

go there and search "bicycle suspension forks"- there's one selling for about $50 and w/ $15 shipping- a little pricey, but when the bike gets up to 25 or 30 mph, i think it will help on the potholes and rough pavement-

Make sure the steer is long enough- and remember you can cut down a longer one with a hacksaw (if it's got enough thread)
, but you can't make a short one longer

good luck
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