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Question DUDE! Where's my locking freewheel ??!!

As a former racer, and now that I've tried my motor bike out a little, the one thing I'd like to have (besides a quieter motor) is better peddling!

I'm on a motorized cruiser now, but thinking I may build up a road bike with some 27 or 700C wheels, and the one thing I don't like is the way the bike pedals now- The motor's weight really doesn't affect that much, but now the extra drag of the big sprocket, heavy 415 chain, and especially the turning of the shaft take a lot of "normal cycling" away from the already sluggish cruiser.

So I've figured out what we need: A LOCKING FREEWHEEL-

Switch a lever and the motor freewheel on the back wheel acts like the freewheel on the other side- it freewheels without the motor chain, sprocket or shaft turning with it-

but then throw the lever the other way, and the assembly LOCKS UP like a fixed cog- Fires up the motor, and you're off under power again!

I've seen freewheels advertised on e-bay, with double sided hubs, but i'm assuming that one then needs a pull start to get the motor going-

I enjoy shutting the motor on and off quite a bit- off on downhills or at intersections, and on again on longer stretches or up hills-

Can anybody build one of these please?

I just took delivery on a narrow sprocket and cruiser chain and a narrow 36 rear sprocket,so I'm hoping hat cuts down peddling drag some- but I wont be happy until the bike is peddling close to normal again!

anyway, stay safe and Happy Motoring!

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