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Default 2nd Build Up and Running

I mounted a powershopking slant head 80cc motor into a front suspension hardtail moutain bike. From bare frame and fork to running motorized bicycle in 6 1/2 hours. The motor; from; started in the first 5 feet. The rear sprocket is dished, and the general fit and finish of everything seems better than my first engine from these guys. I took it for a quick spin around the block and all I have to say is: D**N you Sick Bike Parts and your cursed shifter kit! I kept trying to twist the left foam grip to shift gears when the bike peaked at 22 MPH. lol. I will be buying a shift kit in the next month. To that end I think I am going to part with my Sun EZ Sport frameset. Will post in the wanted and for sale portion of this forum. Until then, I built this motorized bicycle just to break in the motor. I intend to put it in a stretch cruiser with clip on bars, ala board track racer... only longer and lower. More like a drag bike. With a shifter kit. Things I learned from this build. Having all your tools available with replacement engine and mounting bolts is key. Working on a new, CLEAN engine is better than one that is greasy. Locktite is my friend. Having a suspension fork smoothes the road out until the hardtail kicks me in the butt. I am hooked on Motorized Bicycles!
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