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Default Re: Home Brew Hair Dryer turbo.

Originally Posted by Clotho View Post
Sounds like fun! Pretty sure a rotary would be considered to have at least 3 pistons. I like the flex fuel idea too. Turbines or diesel are good for multiple fuels. Alcohol is easy to make. Solar is growing. The biggest problem with electrolysis is the breaking of the bonds in the first place. Some intriguing work has been done with harmonic frequencies in that regard but I don't think its quite there yet.

Lots of interesting work going on here already. Check out Jim's posts (Creative Engineering) aka Manic Mechanic for some interesting work on custom motors. He has built some fire breathing monsters in his day. Some interesting Electric bike stuff here too. You may be onto something with the supercapacitors.
My under standing if you have one cylinder block its considered one piston, but their are some desighns featuring multiple ignition cycles per head, Alcohol seems a viable option other then the risk of ATF raiding your shop because you dont have a liscence for moonshining/ giving them a cut. Solar electrolisys tank charging systems seem verry feasable depending on what catalyst one uses. The last thing i need to worry about is how to dispose of chlorine/caustic chemicals and heavy water if i use standard sodium chloride. Harmonic frequencies seem to be ideal but i would like to be able to build a fram lighter then CF, hopefully Carbon nanotubes will come down significantly soon. What about this idea... It would have to classify as a Ultralight aircraft but be cross between lighter then air craft and compress a hydrogen gas bag to become a glider once adequite altitude was achieved.
YouTube - Gravity Plane

This guy is using eight rotary kerosene powered engines that have been proven to run on hydrogen.
YouTube - Moller m200x.

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