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Default Re: Sick Bike Parts air cleaner

Originally Posted by redpiper777 View Post
I bought the direct replacement air cleaner from sick bike parts and it got here REAL FAST...Not a terrible product but I just wish they would advertise it on the website like it actually comes...When I opened it it had very fine scratches in the chrome like it had been handled a lot...The scratches probably came from holding onto the air cleaner while they drill 2 holes in the chrome cover....In the add there are NO holes...Instead you get a nice air cleaner with 2 holes drilled in it supplied with 2 black fine thread bolts to (I think) totally mess up the look of the chrome cleaner...It does fit nicely but I would look around for something else before I picked up another one...Shipping was a bit high for the weight also but what can you do....Anyway

shipping speed 5 stars
shipping cost 3 stars
product 3.5 stars
Adverstising product 1 star
Hey everybody I read this review again and wanted to add a few things...I think the origianal review may have looked a bit harsh but I really didnt mean it to look that way...For starters I installed the air cleaner and took her for a spin and noticed a definite increase in power...These 2 strokers cant get much more powerful or faster than they are so every little bit helps....The look of the air cleaner is not all that bad..I just had a look in mind when I ordered it and I had to adjust that look in mind when I opened the box LOL...I'm just a little particular about the look of my bike because its the first one I built..After e-mailing with Pablo he did explain that they new the air cleaner pic on the website was an issue and they are working to change it...I just want everybody to know that I definitely would order from these guys again because of the product line they carry...They by far have some of the most inovative and upgraded parts for motored bikes on the planet...By the way I gotta give these guys a 6 on a scale of 1 to 5 for communication
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