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Default Re: Home Brew Hair Dryer turbo.

Originally Posted by Clotho View Post
If you look on this forum you will find many practical methods for increasing performance. The Chinese 2 stroke motors are about as simple as a motor can be made. You really can't build a gasoline engine with fewer moving parts. As a result there are only so many things you can do to them to increase performance. Many of us have built all kinds of high performance automobile/motorcycle/aircraft/marine motors and have built engines using turbochargers, blowers, Nitrous etc. We have overcome all kinds of complications and difficulties on much more complicated projects. It is with great confidence that I can state that if you want to improve the performance of your Chinese 2 stroke you have to look no further than this board.

If you have made all the mods found here and it still isn't enough for you then it is time to find another motor. The Morini engines or Jim's new motor are the next logical step up and you will be well prepared to work with them if you have already maxxed out your China girl.
Sure nuff...
One thing i am contemplating is casting all the parts for one of these instead of just the jug and head, maybe even look at building a dual piston rotary. Yes this forum is a wicked place to get information for mods and such info to keep your bike running... The fact is i would really really like the idea of being able to legally manufacture produce our own fuel/Harness freely availble natural resource such as a solar powered electrolisis cylinder charger and or Bio-Diesel reactor. Its nice getting rediculouse milage but would it not be even wickeder to be able to add more sharp broken broom stick in the Butt to the energy tychoons not only this but also corrupt buroucrats gettting kickbacks from the "Evil Energy Tzars"
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