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Default Re: Selling bikes on Craigslist.

here you go dudes
I make them date and sign a copy
I give them a reciept, but keep the waiver, just so they at least think my rear is covered

* Assumption of Risk/Liability Disclaimer: As the seller, I am not liable for any actions resulting from the use or misuse of this item. Buyers assume all liability and responsibility for all usage of this vehicle. By purchasing you agree to release me, the Seller, from all liability, claims, losses or damages that may arise from the use of this item. By purchasing you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Seller from any litigation expense, loss, liability, damage, attorney fees, or any other costs which may incur as a result of such claims. Warning: Operating a motorized vehicle presents inherent risks including potential financial loss, injury and even death. Buyer assumes all such risks and all responsibility for losses, costs, and damages incurred as a result of your usage of this motor vehicle.

* Buyer Notice: The Buyer certifies that he/she is of legal age for operating this vehicle in your jurisidiction. Buyer is responsible for researching local ordinances and maintaining compliance.

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