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Originally Posted by oldcliff View Post
I have a problem like reg 454 has. I have mounted the engine in the mountin bike frame and also added the sick kit for driving through the 7 speed sprocket. I had to do a major mod on the frame mounts and also ran into the same carb interference that Reg454 had. I made a longer carb intake that angles towards the left. The carb is not level, about 5 degrees off. The motor will not start. I get a strong spark and there is gas in the float chamber. I also get a vacuum through the carb. I tried lowering the float level, (Due to the carb not being level), so the engine won't flood. It still won't start. The engine is new and due to increasing the compression with a thin sick head gasket, it's really hard to turn over.
Any suggestions on why it won't start. I am considering getting another engine or possibly changing out the cylinder. HELP!
Make sure that gas is getting to the carb if their is no gas in the loat chambeb you might have a clog somewhere.
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