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Default Re: Home Brew Hair Dryer turbo.

Originally Posted by sojudave View Post
Regarding the HHO aka Brown's gas. I would have serious doubts as to whether it'd work on a two stroke engine, considering that you gotta mix oil and fuel, not to mention the current you'd have to send to it so electrolosis can take place. You could probably hook up a battery to it to get it to do that. I was thinking of doing this too just to see if what supporters of HHO say are correct, factor in that these bikes get rediculous milage anyway and you could seemingly go forever. Once again, if you can find a four stroke motor to do this to, I'd think you'd have better luck.
Anything is possible, its just how much frustration and money you want to throw into the project. Just because you have to mix your fuel before for the current stock setup doesnt mean you can setup a simular setup for more main stream scooters/mopeds that have a 2 stroke synthetic oil resevor that atomizes the lubricant into the fuel air mixture. This is how some propane powered 2 stroke floor buffers operate as well.

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