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Default make sure it will work b4 fabricating anything..

While trying to put my China 66cc kit on a TC-100 frame, I got as far as the engine mounts and mounting gas tank, went to check chain allignment of the chain ( my mounts had side to side sliders ) and noticed... the rear sprocket was for the wrong type of chain.. teeth are too close togther.. took it apart and I could have drilled the stock 1 for the mounts and had the center hole turned out on a lathe, but I decided to just give up on it, too much money for somthing it would work ~ok~ on... should have checked that first instead of last.. I'm not out any money, I used what I had laying around for the mounts... so my best advice is to measure twice, test fit a few times, and then start the installation...

now the engine kit is going on an old roadmaster/ huffy mountain bike 26"... derailures were seized from sitting 5 yrs, and chain was tight and rusted up.. I took care of the derailur cables and rusted chain with a bolt cutter.. removed derailures and just ran a straight chain between 2 sprockets that are kind of center.. it's getting a motor anyway so pedeling don't matter ( got my Cranbrook for that ).. rear sprocket is mounted.. took my time and managed to get it completly true.. was going to mount engine but the supplied bolt for the thru frame large frame adapter is too short ( I know, shouldn't drill them, but this bike was a junker anyway ) but otherwise it's set to go in.

I'll be riding tomorrow I think.... Oh, a few drawbacks to the bike.. 1 it has no brakes right now and the front fork shocks are seized.. oh, and I need to get a seat for it
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