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Default Re: Home Brew Hair Dryer turbo.

Originally Posted by industrialphreak View Post
Thanks guys. I just recently dissasembled the hair dryer and found the blades on the fan were some cheapo plastic. Not to mention hair dryers for safety reasons are not intended to be able to build up any preasure. Probably my next project will be figuring out a way to hack my air box to scoop air in/ Add NOS/ HHO/ water injection? lol i can imagine that baby granading between my legs and the 00dles of razer sharp shrapnel violating where the sun dont shine.

Better yet maybe the safer option would just do the scoop/ram idea and add a nice boost bottle!
here is the url Boost Bottle Industries They also offer a cool N2O kit at Nitrous kits

I found this stuff looking into another rather dangerously stupid sport called motorized street luge.
Powered Streetluge
Regarding the HHO aka Brown's gas. I would have serious doubts as to whether it'd work on a two stroke engine, considering that you gotta mix oil and fuel, not to mention the current you'd have to send to it so electrolosis can take place. You could probably hook up a battery to it to get it to do that. I was thinking of doing this too just to see if what supporters of HHO say are correct, factor in that these bikes get rediculous milage anyway and you could seemingly go forever. Once again, if you can find a four stroke motor to do this to, I'd think you'd have better luck.
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