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Cool Help With A Belt Drive!

OK... so Ive found the engine kit I want... a sweet little blacked out Jet 80cc, my frame is a HUGE 21.5 inch Iron Horse Warrior men's model, so there will be no problem with fitting the motor low in the frame.

The bike was built back in '06 with mostly state of the art Shimano parts.
My problem is that I run the big 280 mm rotor avid mechanical disc brakes, i really don't want to scrap my rear disc for a crappy "V" brake.

I want to run a belt drive instead of the bolt on sprocket that all these kits seem to come with, since the rear drive pulley will clear my rear brakes.
I'm sure a belt would be cleaner and much quieter

The GRUBE is the closest thing to a retrofit able belt drive but it costs way to much...$339.00? please...they insist on trying to sell me the clutch and adapter
(that i don't need)

All I need is a motor pulley that will fit on my jet motors output shaft, the 32 spoke rear pulley and the belt, I can make a tensioner out of a few u bolt clamps a piece of scrap 1/4 inch aluminum plate and an old skateboard wheel.

I've been told to give up on my belt drive idea and just purchase the sick parts shift kit, but no... I run a Shimano OCTALINK splined sealed bearing bottom bracket and the long 105 road bike style crank arms, two chain rings the inner one is the 39 tooth granny and the outer is the big mother jumping 52 tooth for high speed.
These were also very expensive parts that I don't want to scrap for the crappy square taper spindle, cheesy ball bearings and free wheels and those crappy looking chain rings and shorty crank arms.I need to keep my stronger bottom bracket and crank arms.
(I stand on my peddles allot)

HELP! I'm sure some one out there makes what I need... any help would be great!
Tom.M - aka - buzbikebklyn1
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