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Default NEXT Avalon... Jet "80"cc stealth.... will it fit?

I'm thinking there's no way the motor's gonna fit in this thing... I was with my grandparents at wally-world today.. all of the bikes seemed like they would be a really tight fit... + the cruisers only had coaster brakes...

should have done my homework and had taken a tape measure along... my grandparents were pestering me with questions cause they couldn't figure out how everything would work... so then a hot chick wally-world worker decided to come help us out.... and my decision making process kinda blew up at that point. . .

ah well.. twas $118.. nice bike I guess.. v-brakes, dual suspension, only about 30 pounds, etc.. it's begging me to take it a ride around the block but, will be going back I spose(next indeed...)... daym hot chicks anyways!(lol)

I did find one post on here saying a guy got it to fit.. except for the carb.. any confirmations?
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