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Default Re: New Member with 80cc Chinese 2 stroke, Albuquerque New Mexico USA

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I have had my motorized bike for about 2 and a half years now and have put nearly 900 miles on it. I guess the gearhead in me always wants more power so that fueled the mods that I did to the bike already.
Here at 5200 feet above sealevel you have to get creative with your jetting especially on a 2 stroke so I did some internet research and read about a guy who soldered his jet closed and re-drilled it to make it the size he needed. After reading that I was so excited to try it because my motor was jetted for somewhere around sealevel (China ) and it just didn't run very good up here. I tried to find some aftermarket jets with no luck. This prompted me to try the re-drill approach and what do you know it works. Since I re-jetted my bike I have re-jetted 2 other bikes at this altitude and it works very good on them all.
I have some other mods I mentioned, but I will search the site and try to find a thread with those mods to match it up. Glad to be here and look forward to see and read what the members here have done to their bikes.
........thanks, quarkdude
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