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Default Re: Home Brew Hair Dryer turbo.

A Hairdryer........Really?

There isn't a need to go turbo with these motors. In their stock fashion, you would grenade one quicker than you could say "aww crap". You can't put a band-aid on a turd, but this turd can be polished...

You can take one of these motors and machine them to make gobs more power.
With the right machined head cap, trued surfaces, proper porting and crank balancing, with a tuned exhaust, I bet you could squeeze out 5-7hp. The biggest improvement you can make to these motors is crank balancing. they are so unbelieveably out of balance from the factories. This is why they vibrate to oblivion. That probably robs at least a horse and a half right there. A better carburetor wouldn't hurt either.

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