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If your cdi is suspected of dieing get the right replacement cdi a lot of people have tried to use something different as far as I know none have worked. If your running lights you will need to run a closer gap 0.017 to 0.020 and if your spark plug is close to fowling or shorting out the light system will find it, the lights will still come on when pedaling it but the ignition will not fire if you can turn off the light completely and the plug will fire then the cdi is fine.
When the cdi fails its dead for the most part it usually don't work then stop and then work again. inside of the cdi is a coil and resistors, a very small circuit board with electronic components etc. I'm not sure just how it works as I have not found a trigger coil per say in the mad coil winding I've taken the mag coil apart and the cdi box it's a booger with it bedded in epoxy my soldering iron won't keep up with enough heat to crumble the epoxy to get it to fall off easily . I was wondering how it all works myself until the makers can show a diagram we will all be wondering unless someone trained in electronics can look at one a tell how it all works I guess we are going to not know for sure.
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