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Default Re: Different Style Tanks?

Originally Posted by ghentcruisers View Post
Thanks for the plug RedB66. I'm anticipating that these tanks will hold between 3/4th and a full gallon. I can't be absolutely sure yet. The price of $89 is just an estimate, it may be higher or lower. Cabinfever1977, I totally understand your reasoning behind comparing the price of the tank to the kits. I do too. In defense, I want to bring quality parts into the motorized bicycle market so the idea as a whole gets a better reputation. I know the kits are cheap but it's clear what you get from them. So, ultimately I'm going to make them as cheap as I can while keeping the manufacturing in the US. That's important to me. I want to help the progress of the motorized bicycle market with good design and options that are of decent quality. I'd love to hear any ideas that you guys have. Also, attached the pics of the tank.
That is a sweet looking tank, and even at that price I would definitly order one. Trouble is you will find on this site people are used to getting these Chinese parts so cheap they would be hard to sell.
I build all my own parts (Very time consuming) so when someone asks about something and I quote them a price of about a fourth of what a regular Machine Shop would charge they usually still think it is to high! Just a thought.

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