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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Guys, the CDI is not a coil. Its a little more complicated than that. It is a capacitive discharge module. Here's some information that you might find interesting.
in basic principal of induction, a coil would work, because the current pulse to energize the secondary windings thru induction are all it would need.. but to keep the mag alive, the ohms would at least need to be close..

it is not a true CDI ither, it's extremely close, but it uses the mag for the crank signal and closer related to an ignition coil.. a true CDI uses a crank trigger, which provides only the signal.. it would still need power from the the mag to energize the secondary windings, and some electronics to switch it ( ignition module ) so it gets induction to the secondary windings.. that is why most CDI's have 4 wires..

this of course is all theory because I'v never cut 1 of these coils open, but based on my knowladge of basic ignition systems

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