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Default Re: Bad Occ Chopper Made

YOU Sir are a very rude fellow. If you spent any time here without wearing your apparent attitude on your shoulder you might have found that the guys here on this forum are a very nice bunch of fellow always with helpful and encouraging words for fellow members. The fact that you happen to be quite wrong about statements you have made regarding gasoline and have been corrected does not mean you have been flamed or any other such thing. Frankly you received the intelligent conversation you desired. I must say after telling people here they are talking **** indicated the type of person you are. And then calling others idiots because they not only don't agree with you but show you references on a subject that obviously far exceeds your knowledge base and indicates your lack of ability to have the intelligent conversation. As far as you getting an intelligent conversation here I suggest you change your approach or maybe the problem is you're missing a few screws like the clutch cover of your "rat" motor bike. .