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BTW I'm trying to be argumentative, but I thought I had a good understanding of all this correct me if I'm wrong.
Have any of you ever taken apart a car? Premium gas gets half the build up as any other gasoline, also you can feel a difference, and it's not just extra oxygen in gas. Octane is the explosive component, and potential. Meaning it more explosive! Big surprise, there's no conspiracy going on that premium gas is regular gas and they just mark it up. At least not where I come from, I'm from Oregon. Full of tree's and loggers and masters of the small engine beyond what any of you think you know. Here try this Go to the store and buy some 80% rubbing alchohol, then buy some 90% rubbing alchohol. Put the alchohol into separate glass pyrex dishes (DO NOT MOVE THE PYREX DISH ONCE THE FLAME IS IGNITED!! IT WILL BREAK MORE OFTEN THEN NOT! THEN THERE WILL BE FIRE WHERE YOU DONT WANT IT!!) Then light it on fire, watch the speed in the ignition and the burnout compared between the two, then see what is leftover when they are done burning. The 90% with damn near blow up in your face where the 80% will give you a decent amount of reaction time. Also the 90% will leave almost nothing behind and the 80% will leave behind a standing pool of liquid and contaminants. The exact same applies with fuel, I can't believe I got flamed like this you guys need to do some basic science courses before you talk ****. + Methanol disolves clays and other contaminants built up in your gas take which passes through your filter and makes a hard water type build up on you ports which is detrimental to small engine carbs.