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Default Re: Bad Occ Chopper Made

Originally Posted by TerrontheSnake View Post
That makes no sense Joe. Higher Octane means the fuel contains more of the explosive components Meaning that it ignites easier at a lower temp and combusts more completely and burns out faster. I have built race cars and, I work with Fire and have taken courses on fire behavior. I fully understand higher octane means I'm pretty sure I know this.
Sorry, but your totally wrong..

if you run 87 octane on a race motor that is 12:1 compression, it's gonna rattle into peices and burn holes in the pistions from so much detonation... this is because the 87 octane is more unstable at higher cylinder temps ( it is more prone to ignite from heat and compression, rather than spark ).. octane does not add more " explosive components ", it lowers the tendency to ignite from heat and compression... really a 12:1 engine will need around 110 octane

of course if you built race cars, you would know that... I'v got a few years experience in hotrodding, built a hot turbocharged falcon 6, among other things.. I don't claim to be an expert, but I do know I'm right

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