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Wink Re: My Mo-Bike is finally done!

Originally Posted by joe-craft View Post
hi, i love your bike. it is AWSOME, but i see one little flaw. the exhuast pipe to the expansion chamber. i see a crumpled spot in it. i think it would decrease performance alittle and the long pipe that you have, might not have the desired effect that you might be looking for with the expansion chamber, but other then that it is still WICKED AWSOME!
Joe, I actually tried to mount the expansion chamber real closeto the engine, but the only route that might have worked was under the engine, and my center stand was in the way. I realize I could have used a side stand, but I chose not to do that. I was very curious how it would perform with the long pipe and the ex-chamber at the end, but it accelerates great and will hit 7200 rpm on my
digital tachometer. Keep in mind I opened and matched the ports and I can fine
tune the Mikuni carb til' the cows come home. The exhaust pipe does have a slight kink, but it's very slight. I had to heat the pipe cherry red to make it bend
and fit without binding. Yeah, I wish I could get that little kink out, but it would
be almost impossible to do without creating more problems. I certainly appreciate your observation and your compliments. It's definitely less than
perfect, but I can deal with it I guess.
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