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Default Re: Need clutch expertise.

The clutch assembly will wobble and its seems loose but that's the nature of the beast and your noise might just be some of them things you will need to learn to live with. my black bike has a nasty gear whine that starts about mid throttle and goes until I'm going faster than I like to ride so I try to not let the gear noise bother me too much. I now have a 36 tooth sprocket on the rear and I can go about 20 to 25 mph with the throttle about 1/8 of the way open darn bike is too fast but at the lower speed I'm riding at I can keep it out of the gear whine noise area.
As for the gear puller I use a never seize lube on the threads to keep it from galling and if I think I'm going to damage something by over tightening I'll stop and take a look to make sure I don't damage something years of me screwing up things is now paying off as I'm alot more careful in my older age.
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