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Talking Bad Occ Chopper Made

Hi all, My name is Terron. I have a Schwinn Occ Chopper, moped I have made. I will post Pics as soon as I can but I'm at work right now. Once I do I just want Feedback, but I'll start by Breaking Down what I've done. I have a 80cc (Probably 65-75 cc actually) motor running premium non methanol fuel, which I mix up with 2 stroke racing oil.I have a fully customized adjustable Motor Mount (You guys might wanna try this) It has a pull bolt mounted up front so you can wrench the motor forward or backwards to adjust for tension and a Locking bolt towards the back which must be loosed before wrenching on the pull bolt. It has two "U" plates under that for the sliding mechanism. I also have Vibration isolators between the two to minimize Vibration throughout the bike. I have slightly modified one of Barry's thunder pipes to fit where I need it. I have also Modified a 18spd derailer (Rear) to use as a Tensioner which results in a much more reliable ride. I am now working on a fully custom color scheme of Red and Black with custom snake skin accents throughout. Once I post the pics be sure to let me know what you think of my ride. Thanks all and best of Biking luck to anyone who tries!!