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Default Re: good(cheap) bike to start with? wally-world?..

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
The suggestions for a used bike are sound but keep in mind that you'll need to go through it and make sure parts like bearings and brakes are up to the task of a motor. A popular bike that you'll see often here is the Schwinn Jaguar. Regular price at Target is $149. but often on sale for $124. There has been some talk about the Jag being discontinued but I also understand that the South Port is replacing it. Same bike, different color scheme. However like was stated above the cruiser style frames are a little harder to mount an engine to and the older 'V' frame road bikes lend themselves to motorizing quite well especially for the newbie . Good luck and let us know which bike you decide on....and send pictures.
yup. just put a 66/80cc in my late 60's Grantsport. fits like it was made for it.. except the tensioner needs to be there to keep the chain out of the chainstay... 1 3/8" tire tho.. kinda skinny, but I'll ride it anyway
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